This past week had been a very long week. Friday finally came and went I was ecstatic. 2 weeks ago I put in my resignation for a fun little part time job I had on the side And although it gave me a bit of extra fun money..it wasn't worth it in the end. I would end up having to go to this job almost straight after my corporate day job and then this second job wouldn't get me out until 9p.m.! So that was enough of that! I did not like coming home late at night and feeling as if I had just walked in the door only to get ready to go to bed. I worked my second job for about a year. But I think leaving it was the best thing for me now. On my last night, Friday, I locked up the place and I was just happy to be done with it! I worked with some really great people so the whole experience was not too bad! But I just feel like I'm free! Yeah!

I'm going to Salt Lake City, Utah this coming week. My sister just moved out there and my family is visiting her. I've never been there so I'm looking forward to it and I'm looking forward to snowboarding too. I haven't been on the slopes for about 5 years. So I'll basically be a beginner on the board. Oh well I'm sure I'll give people a good laugh if they watch me.

Snow ~ here I come!


Pam said...

YAY for freedom! Sounds like a big relief...no doubt you'll enjoy your time at home in the evenings!

Maybe you can take some photos of the snow for those of us surrounded in green...Have fun with your sister!

angela said...

What a fabulous photo...it says it all.
Have a good time in Utah and enjoy the snow for me.