So much...

Let's see I've asked for a raise at my job last week. We'll see how that goes. I have been training more. I've been good about doing my laundry and keeping my purse clean of clutter....oooh it's so nice! I feel good about how things are going so far. I've not been great these past two weeks about blogging. But it was a bit crazy with work and all and I've been tired. Anyway it hasn't kept me from reading the blogs I love!

The baby fever still persists. I have a fitness competition to do first and that's in August. So first things first. I also want to make time for my creativity. I want to use my sewing machine that's still in the box from last year! First, I have to learn how to use it :) So I think a friend and I will got to a sewing class.

I just have to make sure to not put too much on my plate. But rather finish what I start. That's
something I can always work on! But hey! I've been getting my laundry done..start to
finish..even folding it and putting it away! wooohooo!

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angela said...

If you're getting on top of your laundry you're way ahead of me. My ironing pile reaches almost to the ceiling. Well almost.