Brrrr...it's cold outside!

Ok..maybe it seems like I'm always talking about the weather. But the temperature is always fluctuating. Last week I'm wearing flip-flops and I'm turning on the air conditioning in my car. Today there's frost followed by slow flurries..and I'm wearing three layers all day! What in the heck! I really think it's global warming. Some would object and say it's a mini ice age coming our way. Well I'm all about the snow. I love cold weather! So bring on the snow!

I got a crock pot today. Sounds a bit old school. But I can't keep my oven on all day while I'm at work. So I got the next best thing to a dutch oven, I guess. I'm very excited to use it. First meal with it shall be beef stew. I'm looking forward to this whole concept of throw it all in the pot and come home to a yummy smelling house. I dig it! I'll report the taste later.

American Idol is on tonight. Although I don't watch every episode. The audition process is pretty humorous!

Ciao for now


angela said...

It's been mild here too and the plants are already budding. They'll probably bekilled off in the cold weather we're due to have this week. Am so not looking forward to it!

Pam said...

So how was the beef stew?
; )