Je suis chill'en

(My blog is acting funky and It's cramming all my paragraphs together.)

This morning I woke up kicking the covers off because it was hot! 65 degree out side! Thank goodness some cooler weather is headed our way this Tuesday. Now it's raining and I'm a happy girl. I don't mind the rain, except when I'm on a Caribbean vacation!

My honey and I dropped off our Christmas tree at the park to be recycled. We put it with the other trees. I told the tree we'll never forget it. It was kinda sad to see all the other Christmas tree's piled up on concrete. But I know they will be put to good use, mulch I guess. We came home and had a lunch. Then I watched Venus Beauty Institute, c'est film de Francais. I hope I wrote that correctly.
Anyway, I enjoyed the film. It helps me with my French. And any love drama movie is good for this chicky! After that I got on the computer to read the blogs I fancy.
On the other blogs I love to see the beautiful photography and pictures of oil paintings. And of course I love the cooking blogs. I want to take more pictures. But I would love to learn oil painting. There's so much I want to do. I often get lost with all the things I want to do. So many interests I have and once I start on something I get interested in another thing. I don't think anything is necessarily wrong with that. However, I do think I get a bit crazy sometimes and lose my focus when my interests change all the time. Hmmm, note to self, need to work on that too.
Bonne Nuit
ps..I can't take credit for some of the pictures on my blog. Thanks to Flickr.com I find pictures I like and post them. So thank you to all the Flickr photogs out there that will remain anonymous.

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Pam said...

I think it's great that you have so many interests! When you feel passionate about something, it will stick with you!

As for paintings, have you checked out Muddy Red Shoes? Her link is on my blog if you want to take a look.