Feeling a bit like Frankenstien

Well, the trip out to Salt Lake City, Utah, was so fun and it really came at the right time. It was great to see my sister and see her living in her new town. And it was great to see my parents. Time with your loved ones is so important. And I so glad that I did not hesitate in asking for time off from work.
So I stayed up with my family in Park City, where the ski resorts are. Downtown Park City is a quaint. We had fun walking around looking at the book stores, clothing stores, art galleries and restaurants. The ski resort, The Canyons, was beautiful. They had many ski runs and at times it felt like we were the only ones on the mountain. I went snowboarding and mind you it's been about 6 years since I went boarding last. I wasn't too bad actually. However, during my last run down the mountain I had a hard fall on my bum and I landed right on my tail bone. Ouch!

Fast Forward a few days now and my neck is so stiff. I can barely turn my neck side to side. Uhhh. I've never experienced neck pain like this. And I feel so bad for people that have chronic neck pain. If this is what it feels like all the time, I would go crazy. I hope it will heal soon. My honey booked a massage for me this Friday. So I know I have to let the masseuse do her thing and I'm sure there will be much pain involved why she works out the kinks. But I have to let happen. Right now when I turn my head like I'm Frankenstein! Stiff city!!

I will say, it was all worth it. The fun and the memories I had will always stay with me. It was so great to see my family and I'm so thankful that we could all be together!

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angela said...

That's a fabulous photo. It looks fairy-like with the lights twinkling.
So sorry to hear about your neck. Did you twist it skiing?
Hope the massage works.